6 Key Reasons Why You Should Study French in College

French is often regarded as the language of love, from a country of rich history, class, and culture.

With 275 million people around the world speaking French, what’s not to love about learning the French language? If you’re still deciding on whether it’s the subject for you, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should study French in college.

1. Study Abroad

Many foreign language degrees include a student exchange or abroad course as a compulsory element of the program.

If you decide to study French at college, then you definitely be studying this language in a French-speaking country for up to a year. The exchange can be a great way to establish your fluency skills, and really interact with people using your French language skills.

2. Boosts Your CV

Being able to communicate in a second language is a huge positive on your CV. If you are able to communicate effectively for business purposes in the French language, you will open many doors when it’s time to search for jobs.

Many businesses operate on an international level and will require a French-speaking employee to help them with their French clients.

3. French is Widely Spoken

French is widely spoken throughout the world and is as popular as Arabic and Spanish. A large portion of Africa speaks French, as does Canada, and a few European nations.

It is also one of six official UN languages.

4. Easier than Other European Languages

French is easier to learn than Spanish if you are a native English speaker. This is due to the fact that English was developed from a mix of German and French words.

It is also a great starting point for other romance languages such as Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

French is a very practical language as it doesn’t take long to be able to communicate effectively.

5. Boost Academic Skills

By undertaking a French class, you’ll learn more about the English language.


Much of the English vocabulary has developed from French. You have to know your English grammar and rules before you can learn and translate this to a second language.

Learning any second language also stimulates brain function and memory, which improves your thinking skills.

6. Enjoy Traveling More

Due to a large population of the world speaking French, it’s likely that your top travel destinations are French-speaking.

France has a rich history and is a great tourist destination. You can enjoy more for the best private tours louvre for an unique tour experience as you have a special quality of understanding french language and you can also talk to the local people too in your trip.

Being able to speak the language of the country you are visiting will allow you to better enjoy your overall travel experience. You can meet with and interact with many more people than if you only spoke English.

Study French in College

When you are looking at signing up to courses, it’s worthwhile considering French for all the reasons we have listed above.

If you choose to study French, you will open many career doors once you have graduated.

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