Moving Tips for Dormitory Students

Moving out from a place where you have lived for a longer period is both emotionally and financially tiring. Life inside a dormitory is entirely different from the outside world and its even harder to move out from this fine life of yours. You do not even realise and its almost that time of the year to move out of our residence halls and move back home. This is as stressful and saddening as moving in for the first time, but this time you’re moving away from your friends instead of moving away from your family. With all this emotions, there comes another practical process of moving which is too tiring and stressful.

You can use following tips for Moving out of a Dormitory:

Spring Cleaning:

Consider pre-spring break cleaning. If you will do a trash purge just before spring break then there will be much less things and stuff to deal with on the last day of school. Take along all your home winter stuff including clothes, boots, flannel sheets, and blankets as these are no more required.

Divide and Conquer: 

If you are going home at any time before the end of the second semester, take one or two empty duffel bags and start packing up winter clothing and any other non-essentials. This will save you from loads of baggage on the last day of the school.

Summer Storage: 

If your dorm room has acquired a lot of stuff like a mini-fridge or other electronics. Then store bulky possessions at a safe and self-storage place near campus so that you won’t have to move it back next fall again. Generally self-storage places take prior reservations, so you may need to reserve a unit a month or so ahead.

Get rid of the Fridge, Dump the Trash: 

Empty your refrigerator as soon as your finals are over, and dump the trash to the dumpsters. If you will wait till the last day then those dumpsters will already be full to their capacity.

Sell the Books that Are No More Needed:  

Sell back anything you no longer need. Literature books can be reused by your siblings or friends forever, but genetics and course textbooks are rarely required further. You can sell them to the campus bookstore, to online stores like Amazon or Craigslist or even a textbook rental company. These rental companies sometimes pay the postage too. A normal book can be sold for the half of its retail price.

Consider Packing Supplies: 

Packing becomes easy if you use regularly shaped objects like storage boxes or Rubbermaid. Avoid using black trash bags, grocery bags, and loose items for storing stuff. Bring enough of packing boxes, rolls of packing tape, a roll of paper towels, cleaning fluid, and of course few trash bags for actual trash.

Empty and Load: 

Empty all your drawers, desks, cupboards and closets. Don’t forget to check each and every area including under the bed, atop tall pieces of furniture and higher cupboards. Pack the boxes neatly as it will hold more stuff. Keep dirty laundry separate and don’t mix it into boxes containing clean contents. You can use the corridor for stacking each packed box neatly against the wall till you’re ready to move.

Donate Some: 

You can consider parting with some items like rugs, oddly shaped objects, relatively inexpensive items, electric fans or lamps. Sort out such items and if found in good conditions then donate to the needy or to friends who need those. This way you will be saved from taking extra luggage. Some schools have even started setting up separate dumpster areas to keep items that can be salvaged and donated. If your school does not have any such plans, consider donating it before you start packing for home.

Pack and Move: 

Move summer storage items first if you have any lined up summer storage space. Then start loading your car with the stuff and packages which you are taking home. Use soft items like blankets, bedding, and overcoats for stuffing into nooks and crannies of fragile items and to provide an extra padding to them.

Final Checkout: 

Once the room is completely empty, take a final round and do one last drawer and cupboard check. Check the restroom too, if your child has a toiletry cupboard there. Sweep out the dorm room and mop off any obvious grunge. Unplug the mini-fridge and arrange for pickup.

Hiring local moving companies can help you tremendously when moving in and out of a dormitory. Find a reliable mover and enjoy the move.

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