The necessity of cybersecurity in the digital era

As a species, humanity is about as egotistically driven as possible. It might sound bad, but there is nothing exactly wrong (generally speaking, of course) with being driven by self-preservation first and foremost. The world that we live in is positively immersed in feats of digitalisation and technology. All these great innovations were created with the goal to make life easier, more efficient, faster. And because of all these great innovations, we are living in a world that is more driven and more advanced than many people ever thought possible. And obviously, it was not always this way. Like all evolutions in our history (and that of Earth in general, for that matter), it has taken time to get here. So, how did we get here, and why is online protection so important these days?

The rise of the digital era

The digitally-fluent world that we currently live in has taken time to progress to this point. When technological influences like the worldwide web and the surging interest in technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning first started to become prominent forces in the modern world, we began to realise just how beneficial they could be. It did not take long before this realisation resulted in in widespread preference – even reliance – on technological advancements in everyday life. The digital era has kick-started an all-new evolution where we must be more active and consistent about protecting ourselves online and in real life in general. And this is where cybersecurity comes into play.

The necessity of cybersecurity

It goes without saying that we live in a world that is positively shrouded in feats of digital influence and technological prowess. The more digitally-inclined that the world becomes, the more important it is that we all take active and consistent measures to protect ourselves online. Cybersecurity is crucial in the digital era because the more time that we spend online, the more our personal and sensitive information is spread around online. Certain cybersecurity measures are easy to initiate (think making use of a free VPN, or downloading anti-malware software, for example), and others require more forethought and time. Regardless, the point remains the same: cybersecurity is now more important than ever.

Diving further into the digital age

The world around us is at its most advanced. That is always the case, and in another five years the world as it is now will seem like it is worlds away, eons in the past. It is the nature of our existence and ongoing advancement as a species, that we are consistently working towards prevalence advancement in the interest of ourselves. Cybersecurity is important today, but going into the future it is going to be a crucial necessity that every single individual, company, and even industry is going to need to be more protective of, more adamant in preserving. Cybersecurity is a means or protection and preservation, and going into the future it is going to be one of the most central forms of privacy and security there is.

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