Top 10 Online Doctorate Programs that are Worth the Salt

When it comes to PhD programs, one often pictures years of hard work and grit ahead of their careers. Yes, a PhD is hard with extensive studies and dissertations, but it is well worth the efforts. An online PhD makes things a whole lot easier as many professionals can manage their work career along with PhD by the side.

Here are the Top 10 colleges in the USA that offer Online Doctorate Programs which are well worth the salt. If you want to learn about online doctorate degrees that don’t need a dissertation to get through, find out more here.

  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

If you have an undergraduate degree in any field, you can chime into the doctor of physical therapy program in University of North Carolina. It is a three-year program which requires full-time attention to studies, four case studies, and capstone course & at last, examination. If you’ve shadowed a physical therapist for 100 hours before, you can gain entry into this program, it is great choice for an online doctorate.

  • University of Florida

Do you have a thing for history? A PhD in classics from University of Florida is for anyone who’s a history junkie—be it scholars or high school and community college teachers. You need 60 credits beyond master’s level—five seminars out of which should be in Classics (three of those MUST feature Latin). Classics are a contemporary language play, so proficiency in French, German and Italian has to be proved through a seminar of three hours. It is very much online, but students have to spend 30 hours studying on campus. Graduate by clearing your exams (both oral and written) and dissertation.

  • University of Southern California

A doctorate of education in organizational change is what’s on the plate at University of Southern California. Learn to lead the change after completing your masters. Students need a total of 63 credits to get by, most of which shall be earned by studying online. There’s a vivid immersion weekend once a year where students get to meet their colleagues and grow their network. A capstone is a must to get through and it should revolve around student’s dissertation.

  • George Washington University

A doctorate in systems engineering—where else but the GWU? The university is famous for toying with complex tech systems and the associated risk, and students make the most of it. It is perfect for working professionals as the classes are done online on Saturday s. Students have a bright chance of scoring their degrees in less than three years with part time studies.

  • Northeastern University

The second physical therapy doctorate on the list, this transitional doctorate course is for actively practicing physios. Students have the luxury to go full-time or take it on a part-time basis. This degree is completely online and students can select their niche from vast array of physical therapy options. Along with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in physical therapy beforehand, capstone is a must.

  • University Of Alabama

If you’re an engineering professional with five/more years of work experience, an enthralling doctorate in aerospace engineering is on the cards for you. Do it online for the most time and visit the campus once a semester. Get ready to defend an exciting dissertation in the field of aerospace engineering. Students must pass all the qualifying exams.

  • Pennsylvania State University

The online doctorate in nursing program from Pennsylvania State University teaches students what advanced nursing is actually about. Nurses holding either bachelors or masters degrees in their hands can get into this online course. The key difference is the hours: For nurses with Bachelor’s degree, they need 61 credits and 1000 hours in practice time; for nurses holding masters degree, 30 credits and 550 hours are more than enough. Did we tell you that there’s a capstone project involved?

  • Clemson University

If students feel like attending synchronous classes even if they are online, Clemson University’s doctorate in recreational therapy is a pinnacle in web-based doctorate learning. The program’s term is of three years and students prepare their custom plan (individually) with an advisor. It takes 60 credits, one dissertation and good scores to graduate with flying colors. A professional certificate in recreational therapy is a must. There is a requirement of 2000 hours of experience beyond internship in order to apply for this doctorate.

  • Indiana University

We are live from Indiana University where a doctorate in nursing science is gearing students up for scientific and medical research in health sciences and nursing education. Be it health behavior, health promotion, acute and chronic care—this ninety-credit program focuses on all critical corners of nursing. Students attend classes through conference calls with their fellow mates at synchronous times. Campus visits happen at regular intervals. Students can go for BSN to PhD, which certificates them as a clinical nurse specialist. The MSN to PhD allows students to transfer up to 30 credits to their research area.

  • University at Buffalo – SUNY

If students are looking for a diverse PhD option with elucidates their knowledge bank on different fronts, then Buffalo’s PhD in curriculum, instruction, and the science of learning is a great way for them to learn. Students can specialize in their niche, choosing from English, math or science. This program is based on research and 72 credits are divided in the same manner. Students have a golden chance to work with faculty by participating in research to get behind modern problems by digging solutions. It takes five years give-or-take to graduate and students should start preparing for competitive exam if they want to get into Buffalo—GRE scores are needed to apply.

These are the 10 best places to go if you want to apply for a doctorate and you’re in mood to go for it online. Do note that an online doctorate is as commendable as a traditional one. Good Luck!

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