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annotated bibliography 9 and 10:


Steadman, Philip. Hodgkinson, Simon. “Nuclear Disasters and the Built Environment” Butterworth & Co.1990

Philip Steadman and Simon Hodgkinson discuss in their book the effects that the nuclear disasters, specifically Hiroshima (1945), and Chernobyl (1986), had on our man-made places, that is, our built environment. They explain that there has been various books and scholarly articles about the medical and social consequences of nuclear war, but never the effect nuclear war has on places that our lives are conducted. Steadman and Hodgkinson argue a good point, that our built environment represents so much more than just our workplace, or home, but our history, our generations and countless lives, our achievements and cultural identity. The book goes into detailed consequences about what would happen to our built environment in two different situations: a nuclear accident leading to radioactivity and a nuclear attack.

This article is useful because it explains what a real built environment is, besides the buildings and man made places, the authors prove that it represents so much more. And they show that through what would change about our environment through nuclear attacks.


Perdue, Wendy,Collins. Stone, Lesley, A. Gostin, Lawrence, O.”The Built Environment and Its Relationship to the Public’s Health: The Legal Framework” American Public Health Association. 2003 September; 93(9): 1390–1394.

Wendy Collins Perdue, Lesley A. Stone, and Lawrence O. Gostin all argue in their scholarly article that public health still greatly effects the built environment. They begin with the industrial revolution that lead to diseases and many deaths because of the governments leinent laws on working conditions and over population in urban cities. Perdue, Stone, and Gostin also directly link health issues to the design of a city. Solutions for today include the public health advocates that can help design cities better suited for a healthy lifestyle but figuring out the legal ways to do so. To change the built environment one must understand the legal pathways to begin.

This article is useful because it shows that the built environment not only effects behavior, but also a persons health. This article also shows how much effort,time, and money goes into creating a built environment because of all the factors that builders/designers must take into account in order to create a successful city.

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