Leaders are born, and then made.

I think I am a leader. And not an obnoxious one, but one that facilitates communication, brings out creative ideas, adds input and gathers beautiful parts of something and works with my team to create something amazing.

These are things that we talked about today at the “G-I-Set” or GIZ (Z in German is “set.”). Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ’s vision statement, listed on their website is, “We work to shape a future worth living around the world.”
I think that is a vision we can all get behind.
But also they work in international development, leadership and cross-cultural competency training in various sectors, and with various organizations and groups of people (like our summer school program!). It was a really wonderful seminar where we got to explore ourselves as leaders and people who may work in the ID field. We were able to talk to each other and how we work through challenges and difficult situations. I thought it was really interesting, and applicable my experience in Arts Leadership Administration, Non-profit management, project creation and management, social enterprise actives and in personally. It also fits in to work that I want to do with refugee and migrant communities, with finding ways to create a collaborative environment for cross-cultural understanding, creation and the actual sharing of tactical cultural practices (the arts, music, food, etc). I need some more time to synthesize the information but it was one of my favorite days so far.

I didn’t take many photos today, even though there were some good opportunities! Instead, I’ve added a photo from yesterday, Tuesday, from the tour. It is of Karla (in the hat), Luca and myself just in front of the Popplesdorf Schloss on Popplesdorf Allee!
We are a happy bunch!