Memorable Off-Campus Experience…

During the second week of September, me and six other students, two of whom I did not yet know, went to see “No Good Deed” in theaters.  We made small talk on the way there and laughed together about the movie when it ended.  Eventually, an hour or so and two added people later, we were sitting at McDonalds, consuming food for thought:  what were we going to do with the rest of our night?  We decided we should at least see the White House while we were in the area.  Surprisingly, we seemed to be more marveled by the architecture of the buildings around the White House, rather than the White House itself, because we had never paid these other buildings much attention.  When the group started losing energy, I suggested we simply sit and talk.  We formed a circle near the Washington Monument and began conversation.  I am not sure how long we sat there, but by the end of our time chatting and playing games and interacting with passerby’s, we all knew intimate things about one another.  Tomorrow, some of the people from that night will join me ice skating.  That night solidified friendships and created new ones.

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