I know almost nothing about opera. Because of my assumptions and gullibility to the stereotype, I was under the impression that many opera performances in general are quite expensive as I’m sure many other people feel. This author’s research proves that this is untrue and that opera events are on par or even cheaper than many alternative entertainment events people glady shell out high prices for such as concerts and sporting events. Discounts are offered to especially attract young people into the audience. He states

“The “expensive” label is used routinely and gratuitously; worse, it becomes a pernicious accusation about the value of opera and everyone involved with performing it. I’m not sure anything else of such value is subject to a similar uninformed attack, and it is well past the time for journalists, presenters and commentators to drop the cliché for good.”

He also points out that people feel intimidated by the price of the “extras” that they will have to buy when these purchases are not mandated. For example, there is no need to rent or buy a tux/gown to attend a performance, there is no stiff dress code.

Perhaps the ways operas are marketed need to be adapted to reach out to those people who may attend if they knew the tickets are affordable.