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Description-This webpage aims to document the progress of Amanda Borth’s research conducted during American University’s Olson Scholars Program.

Amanda Borth

AmanDSCN3435da is currently a student at American University pursuing a bachelors degree in International Studies. As the field of International Studies is vast, she has chosen to focus primarily on Global Environmental Politics during her time at American University and beyond. Through her first year at American University, Amanda was involved in its University College Program where she completed the Cross-Cultural Communications Course and the optional World Politics Undergraduate Research Section. Amanda will also participate in American University’s School of International Service Olson Scholars Program during her Sophomore year; this will allow her to conduct an original research project, on the topic of her choice, and provide valuable training in research methodology. Aside from academics Amanda is eager to continue her part-time job as an Explainer at the National Air and Space Museum.