About Me



Hello, my name is Antonio Berardo, I am a freshman American University student, I am studying Political Science and planning to go on to Law School.

I grew up a bit North of Washington D.C. During my time in high school, I participated in a variety of programs and activates, including a plethora of sports, clubs, honors societies, college-level classes, Dual-Enrollment, and Youth & Government.

Outside of school, my time was spent pursuing 2D animation, playing piano, arranging music, mountain biking, and giving back to the community primarily through the Boy Scouts of America.

Boy Scouts and my eventual acquisition of the rank of Eagle Scout led me to pursue other leadership opportunities. I led community service projects, took on being the president of the Rho Kappa Honors Society, helped lead the next generation of Boy Scouts until I aged out, and joined the AU School of Public Affairs Leadership Program.

During and after my time at American University, I plan on getting involved in Washington; either by helping the people that can make a change get in office, or by making those changes myself. I want to primarily focus on representative democracy and education inequality. I desire to make this country a better place, even if it is just a minuscule difference, even if it is just one community, one family; I want to help.

Any opportunity that comes my way, and moves me towards my goals, I will not hesitate to take. I will use all of the skills I have acquired and tools available to me to move forward towards success.