Alexa Barnes



Hello, I’m Alexa Barnes. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m a first-year college student ​​currently studying Communications, Law, Economics and Government in the Nation’s Capitol, at American University. For myself, as for most of the country, November of 2016 was a time of reckoning, and as a junior in High School, I decided that, in this tumultuous time, I wanted to pursue a career in government and politics. As a progressive independent, I recognize the importance of civic engagement and bipartisan collaboration, something notably absent from our current political atmosphere.

In my first year with the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program, I’m working with a group of my peers to better understand how pre-existing medical conditions impact patients, physicians, and insurers as they navigate the healthcare system. Providing affordable coverage to all Americans is one of the greatest challenges we face as a nation, and while support for the Affordable Care Act remains at an all-time high, the health care system still remains difficult to understand, and quality care is still far too expensive for many Americans.

Professionally, I’m interested in political management, campaign strategy, and the intersection of industry and law. I hope to continue to pursue health care policies that work for all Americans. While I’m just getting started with this task, in my first semester at American University, I have joined the Secretary’s Cabinet of the American University Student Government, the Pre-Law Society, and I look forward to getting involved with other political and advocacy groups.