I moved to Washington D.C to attend American University and pursue a combined bachelors degree in biology with a masters degree in biotechnology. As an undergraduate student, I worked on multiple research projects in various biology and biochemistry labs. The majority of my lab research has been centered on homology models of G protein-coupled receptors and their applicability in computer-aided drug discovery.

One of my greatest passions is for teaching. I have taught numerous students and incoming researchers using my scientific knowledge and my desire to help others. I have enjoyed 4 years of tutoring experience as an independent tutor for undergraduate and high school students in a variety of scientific courses. Additionally, I have enjoyed improving my teaching skills by training incoming research assistants in the lab on the experimental procedures and the computer software used to perform virtual experiments.

My ability to think critically and collaborate with others is my greatest strength. I believe that the use of teamwork and strategic implementation of modern technologies are essential to improving the way we teach, study, and practice science and medicine.