Ari Drayman




Ari Drayman is currently a first-year student at American University. He is studying an interdisciplinary major including Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG). As his resume indicates, Ari has been practicing Uechi Ryu Karate for ten years, interned at Hochberg Law Offices, worked at Zucco’s Family Restaurant, and was a part of his high school student council being president his senior year. As Ari becomes integrated with the American University community, he plans on becoming a student leader in Hillel and continuing his participation in the SPA leadership program.

Within the SPA¬† leadership program, Ari is currently working with his skill-set on trying to solve a specific issue pertaining to economic inequality. In his group, they are discussing the relationship between economics and addiction within the United States of America. Ari is a passionate researcher and wants to do the best he can to learn about the issue and become an integral part of the group’s work.

Ari is looking forward to continuing to create relationships within the American University community and is excited to work with his issue group on this difficult topic.