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Education Funding Research Paper

The foundation for the future economic success of the United States is quality education. With the constant increase in both mandatory spending and the national debt, the U.S. economy will need to grow to meet these rising costs. The study… Continue Reading →

“Metro shifts budget, recommends deferring new initiatives to cover pandemic’s impact”

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) management has needed to reevaluate their future plans and expenses in order to balance their budget. Prior to the pandemic, WMATA’s budget for the next year proposed increases… Continue Reading →

Higher Education: Budget Cuts Analysis

Universities across the United States have cut costs in the wake of the pandemic. In order to manage budget shortfalls, Johns Hopkins is pausing employee retirement contributions, reducing top leader compensation, furloughing, and laying off employees. With an increase in… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Entry 10: The Power Of Simple Lyrics

“Sunday, by the blue purple yellow red water On the green purple yellow red grass Let us pass through our perfect park Pausing on a Sunday By the cool blue triangular water On the soft green elliptical grass As we… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Entry 9: Yahoo Hacked

“Yahoo, which learned about the August 2013 hack last month, said it was separate from the massive breach announced in September. Yahoo attributed that attack, which compromised 500 million accounts, to a “state-sponsored actor,” but it has yet to identify… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Entry 8: Racist Robots

“A chatbot developed by Microsoft has gone rogue on Twitter, swearing and making racist remarks and inflammatory political statements.” The sentence above is two- fold because of the issues that the robots are having but also the deeper issues that… Continue Reading → Learn New Skills Online

Unfornunatly, countless students at American University do not use which is an excellent free resource that we have at our fingertips that we can acesses at anytime. Luckily, throughout the semester I have learned numerous features about WordPress, Google… Continue Reading →

Built Environment Introduction: A Deeper Look at the Mayflower Hotel

The Mayflower Hotel located just four blocks from the nation’s capitol, has been known as “Washington’s Second Best Address.” The hotel has hosted several prominent social events and important people such as President Calvin Coolidge’s inaugural ball. While the Mayflower… Continue Reading →

Scandals Behind the Elegant Mayflower Hotel

In Ruben Castaneda’s S Street Rising: Crack, Murder, and Redemption in D.C., the Mayflower Hotel is only mentioned in one scene of the book. Castaneda states that a jury found Mayor Marion Barry “guilty of using cocaine at the Mayflower… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography 1-10

Bhattarai, Abha. “Mayflower Hotel to Undergo $20M Guest Room Renovation (Posted 2014-08-24 20:27:43).” The Washington Post, Aug 24 2014,ProQuest Central, This article discusses the modern-day interior of the hotel and reasons for the types of renovations that have taken… Continue Reading →

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