“Facebook.” The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection,  www.facebook.com/themayflowerhoteldc.

This selected source is the Mayflower Hotel’s Facebook account. The Mayflower Hotel’s Facebook account offers its viewers to see a variety of events, pictures, and articles that the Mayflower Hotel takes part in. On the hotels site, they host the #StayDC which strives to create a connection between the hotel and the DC community . This site also offers a very brief history of the hotel starting from 1925 to 1994. Also, the hotels Facebook site contains several videos to promote different features of the hotel and the different events that occur in DC such as the Cherry Blossom festival.

This source is very helpful to my argument. This source provides me with several examples of how the hotel still strives to be part of the cosmopolitan environment and culture surrounding the hotel. In addition, this site has a brief timeline of their history, which strengthens my arguments that the hotel is proud of their history because the hotel has an exhibit for  its history and now has a small timeline on their social media.

“Historic Hotels Washington DC Hotels l The Mayflower Hotel.” Mayflower, www.themayflowerhotel.com/.

This online source offers a description of the hundreds of rooms at the hotel, a variety of locations to visit in DC such as the Verizon Center. This source also offers the different options for the different kinds of venues at the hotel such as rooms for weddings and meets. This source also provides its viewers with a detailed and organized timeline of the Mayflower Hotel starting for 1925 up until today. This timeline also provides images of different grand events that occurred throughout the hotels history such as the first Inaugural Ball.

This source is helpful to my argument because the layout of The Mayflower Hotel’s website is catered of a specific type of audience. Also, the high definition pictures and elegant detailing of the hotels website sets the tone for the entire embellishment. Moreover, the pictures that are displayed on the website provide a sense of who is the audience that the hotel is catering to.