Paschall, Valerie. “A History of Scandal and D.C. Hotels.” Curbed DC, 2013,

In this website source, the main topics of this article are exposing all the hidden scandals of prominent politicians that occurred in several DC hotels. For example, a scandal that occurred in the Mayflower Hotel was President Bill Clinton having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. This is a well-known fact but very few people know that Monica was staying at the Mayflower Hotel will this event occurred. Another scandal was Mayor Marion Barry was issued a crack possession charge at the Mayflower Hotel. Lastly, one of the most well-known was Eliot Spitzer one night affair with a prostitute that occurred at the Mayflower Hotel.

This source is helpful to shaping my research because it provides further evidence for the main argument in my essay. The main argument is that the Mayflower Hotel covers up its scandals through it elegant and grand interior and exterior building which the building is known for. But little do people know the dark history behind the Mayflower Hotel.

Kershaw, Sarah, and Michael Powell. “Just a Hotel? For Some, It’s an Adventure.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 2008,

In this New York Times article, Powell and Kershaw argued that the Mayflower Hotel is more than what meets the eye. From an outsider perspective, the hotel is viewed as what is known as “The second-best address”, but from an insider’s perspective this hotel is known as a “gentlemen’s hotel” and a place where prostitution is very prominent. Despite the Mayflower Hotel’s numerous amenities and well-designed interior, the hotel has a dark and hidden history of several politicians committing infidelity or substance abuse. This dark history is hidden from outsiders because people who work out the hotel follow the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy.

This source is essential for my argument. My argument is unpacking and exposing the real story behind this hotel and how it connects back to the surrounding area of the hotel. As a result of interior, exterior, and digital structure of the Mayflower Hotel being eye-catching and graceful to the public, all these horrible scandals are overlooked and forgotten. This is the case in the surrounding area of the hotel, for instance, the White House. A prime  example of the case that I have explained is FDR’s caretaker and FDR had an affair but was covered up because FDR was looked upon as a great leader.

Tom. “Three Bits of Trivia About the Mayflower Hotel – Ghosts of DC.” Ghosts of DC, 16 Feb. 2015,

The main point of this article are three aspects. Firstly, the author mentions FDR staying at the Mayflower Hotel writing his famous “Nothing to Fear” inaugural speech the night before. Secondly, the author alludes to two scandal’s that were committed in the Mayflower Hotel. The author also brought to the reader’s attention, the picture of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky hugging during one of Bill Clinton’s campaign events. Lastly, the author references back to the creator of the hotel, Allen E. Walker and how the Mayflower Hotel received its name.

This article is beneficial to my research and shapes my argument. This source furthers the argument that the Mayflower Hotel has a deeply rooted history, whether it be a bad and good part of United States history. This hotel plays an important role in the way United States history turns out.