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The Mayflower Hotel in the Digital Age: From Businessmen to Politicians

  At first glance, the Mayflower Hotel’s homepage, located on the hotel’s website, displays a picture of a woman with piercing blue eyes dressed in business attire. Beside her, a young man also dressed in business attire leans casually against the… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliographies 5 and 6

“Facebook.” The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection,  www.facebook.com/themayflowerhoteldc. This selected source is the Mayflower Hotel’s Facebook account. The Mayflower Hotel’s Facebook account offers its viewers to see a variety of events, pictures, and articles that the Mayflower Hotel takes part in…. Continue Reading →

Golden Scandals at the Mayflower Hotel

The image on the right- hand side is one of the three front gold doors to enter the Mayflower Hotel. The image below shows all three  gold front doors that lead to the lobby. The color gold is usually equated with wealth. Wealth can… Continue Reading →

Environment Surrounding the Mayflower Hotel

Across the street of the Mayflower Hotel The link above contains a video of the environment surrounding the hotel and across the street. The area surrounding the hotel is very cosmopolitan. As soon as one steps out from the hotel one… Continue Reading →

Entrance to the Mayflower Hotel

This is the canopy overtop the entranceway of Mayflower Hotel, located at 1127 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC. I captured this specific image because one can admire the fine detailing above the hotels name and can notice the elegant font of the hotels name. The entranceway… Continue Reading →

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