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Scandals Behind the Elegant Mayflower Hotel

In Ruben Castaneda’s S Street Rising: Crack, Murder, and Redemption in D.C., the Mayflower Hotel is only mentioned in one scene of the book. Castaneda states that a jury found Mayor Marion Barry “guilty of using cocaine at the Mayflower… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography 1-10

Bhattarai, Abha. “Mayflower Hotel to Undergo $20M Guest Room Renovation (Posted 2014-08-24 20:27:43).” The Washington Post, Aug 24 2014,ProQuest Central, http://proxyau.wrlc.org/login?url=http://search.proquest.com/docview/1555605274?accountid=8285. This article discusses the modern-day interior of the hotel and reasons for the types of renovations that have taken… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography 7-10

Paschall, Valerie. “A History of Scandal and D.C. Hotels.” Curbed DC, 2013, dc.curbed.com/2013/6/26/10226580/a-history-of-scandal-and-dc-hotels. In this website source, the main topics of this article are exposing all the hidden scandals of prominent politicians that occurred in several DC hotels. For example,… Continue Reading →

The Mayflower Hotel in the Digital Age: From Businessmen to Politicians

  At first glance, the Mayflower Hotel’s homepage, located on the hotel’s website, displays a picture of a woman with piercing blue eyes dressed in business attire. Beside her, a young man also dressed in business attire leans casually against the… Continue Reading →

Speed Reading Workshop

On Wednesday November 9,  I attended a speed reading workshop to try and gain some pointers on how to become a speed reader. This workshop was led by Juliann Winn who works at the Academic Support Center. From this workshop… Continue Reading →

Elegance, Scandals, and Business: A Glimpse at The Mayflower Hotel

Opened in 1925, The Mayflower Hotel is now a luxury Renaissance hotel that provides a contemporary stylish location to their customers currently owned by Marriott (Cooper). The hotel is located at 1127 Connecticut Avenue NW, half a mile five-minute walk… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography

Bhattarai, Abha. “Mayflower Hotel to Undergo $20M Guest Room Renovation.” 4 Aug. 2014, http://search.proquest.com.proxyau.wrlc.org/docview/1555605274/fulltext/a5373caeaa284d4cpq/1?accountid=8285. This article discusses the modern-day interior of the hotel and reasons for the types of renovations that have taken place inside the hotel. The article also… Continue Reading →

Suzanne Tick: The Tale of Many Genders

In “His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society,” Suzanne Tick argues that by creating a more accessible and inclusive environment, human beings who identify differently will feel more accepted and welcomed to embrace their own individuality. Today, “we are… Continue Reading →

The Commonplace Book Entry 5: Georgia Referendum

“Shall Property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college and university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?”   The root of the sentence above is… Continue Reading →

Golden Scandals at the Mayflower Hotel

The image on the right- hand side is one of the three front gold doors to enter the Mayflower Hotel. The image below shows all three  gold front doors that lead to the lobby. The color gold is usually equated with wealth. Wealth can… Continue Reading →

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