The Mayflower Hotel, located at 1127 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC is easily accessible and navigable despite the fast-paced environment that surrounds the hotel. The hotel currently owned by Marriott, spans a full block, containing ten floors. During the planning stages of the hotel, the landowners wanted “to tie the Mayflower Hotel to the nearby Metro station with a underground passage lined with retail shops” (McClinsey 103). Today, the hotel is situated a block away from the Farragut North metro station on L Street and Washington Square. The close proximity of the hotel to the DC metro provides the hotel’s workers and  the hotel’s primary customers an easy and  accessible method of reaching the various locations in DC.   After exiting the Farragut North metro station,the environment is very fast paced. Immediately, one can see a large volume of cars driving up and down “the busy crossroads of [the] modern city”, while herds of businessmen walk briskly on the sidewalk, many of them entering the Mayflower Hotel and some leaving the hotel (McClinsey 127).


Farragut North Station metro station

 The exterior colors of the Mayflower Hotel are gold detailing, a mid gray entryway with beige embellishments on the bottom half of the building, and sandy brown brick on the top half of the building. Four American flags and one Mayflower flag is placed above the frame of the entranceway. Three gold plated front doors give access to the lobby. The color gold is usually equated with wealth which is parallel to the surrounding environment because the businessmen generate wealth and make the environment high profile.

The front entrance of the Mayflower Hotel sets the business like tone for entire hotel. A doorman dressed in a suit, tie and vest await for people at the door. Business people and prostitutes are greeted alike at the Mayflower Hotel entrance


The surrounding area of the hotel is extremely cosmopolitan. On the corner of the hotel Edgar, an upscale restaurant and Pink, a men’s retailer are hosted on the corners of the hotel. Also, few coffee shops and high end retail stores are located near the hotel. An ABC News building sits across the street from the Mayflower Hotel. Across the busy street, many high rise buildings with a modern design host upscale business such as law firms, doctors’ offices, banking credit union firms, and financial services firms. These businesses maintain the high profile area and attract business people alike. Because of the business environment surrounding the hotel, the former owners of the Mayflower Hotel believed that they “must continue to be a significant asset to the city” (McClinsey 109). The Mayflower Hotel is paramount to this high profile business area because it is easily accessible by business people, the hotel’s primary clientele. The hotel and the businesses around it formulates a symbiotic relationship in which both are utilized by the same clientele and both are helped by the others presence.


ABC News right next door to the Mayflower Hotel

Behind the exterior elegance of the Mayflower Hotel, the hotel’s primary clientele fail to see the secondary business that occurs in the hotel. Throughout the Mayflower Hotel’s history, this secondary business, prostitution, has remained under wraps. All of the well dressed hotel staff  “have come to recognize the subtle signs: [an] attractive women who carry no luggage, dressed tastefully but, in stilettos and lacy camisoles, seeming a touch too sensual to meet a chubby Commerce Committee lobbyist for cocktails”(Powell). Interestingly, this frequent illicit act not only takes place at such an elegant hotel but the staff of the hotel also has full knowledge that prostitution happens at the hotel.

In previous years, the Mayflower Hotel has hosted “presidents, foreign leaders, royalty, and Hollywood celebrities” (McClinsey 127). Today, the majority of clientele who use Mayflower Hotel are tourists and business oriented people (Cooper). In addition, the primary use of the hotel is for company events and seminars such as the J.P. Morgan’s Inventory Seminar.

When visiting the Mayflower Hotel, I felt underdressed and inexperienced. Everyone outside and inside the hotel were well established people in the business world who were all dressed in business attire. I felt astonished and overwhelmed by the largeness and upscale ambiance of the building itself. Moreover, I felt out of place in the hotel’s political scene and its rapid business environment.

In conclusion, the Mayflower Hotel contains two different types of businesses, business people and prostitutes. One type of business can clearly be seen from the exterior of the building and the other type of business is not as transparent. Both businesses,ultimately seek profit, yet unknowingly operating under the same roof.


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