Unfornunatly, countless students at American University do not use which is an excellent free resource that we have at our fingertips that we can acesses at anytime. Luckily, throughout the semester I have learned numerous features about WordPress, Google Doc, and Excel through watching videos on

List of videos (with a brief description):

  1. WordPress Essential Training :  These WordPress videos provided insight on how to create posts and pages, format text, customize themes and menus, use widgets, extending WordPress with plugs, and keeping WordPress up to date and secure. Personally, the videos that I found most interesting was learning how to embed a map and how to better incorporate images, audio and video into a wordpress. 
  2. Excel Tips Weekly- After realizing how helpful and insightful the WordPress videos were for me, I searched for Excel videos to help me sharpen my skills in Excel, a skill that many employers look for.  In this Excel videos, the instructor shows different and interesting tricks and features to use to become more efficient in Excel. Also, the instructor discusses how to analyze data efficiently through Excel.  

  3. Google Docs Essential Training- Not only do I use Excel frequently, I happen to use Google Docs often as well so I decided to watch videos that would provide me with more information to better use Google Docs. These videos taught me how to organize my google docs in the most efficient way possible and how to really use Google Docs to its greatest capacity. Interestingly, I never knew how to properly indent my citations in a Google Doc until I watched one of the formating videos. Now I have this very helpful skill and have taught many of my peers how to properly indent their citations in a Google Doc.

I have also watched several other videos on other topics that I knew I would find interesting such as “IT Security Career Paths and Certifications” and “Foundations of IT Security: Core Concepts”. is a create tool that American University students have and I really believe more students should learn about this tool and use it frequently.