207 – Building Community and Course-Specific Expertise through a Collaboration with the Career Center

    Presenters: Marie Spaulding (Career Center), John Charles (Career Center), Jesse Meiller (Environmental Science), Anna Litman (Career Center) & Jada West (Class of 2021) 

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    Time: 11:35 AM – 12:25 PM

    Session Description

    This session will demonstrate how meaningful collaboration between faculty and Career Center advisors can benefit students and provide course-specific expertise. The session goal is to share experiences from a very successful partnership between faculty and Career Center Advisors and to offer specific suggestions for how to implement a collaboration into your courses. 

    Learning Outcomes

    • Share experiences and tips from successful partnership between Career Center Advisors and faculty members.
    • Brainstorm meaningful ways to incorporate Career Center expertise into courses.
    •  Incorporate feedback and lessons learned from students in Capstone coursewho worked with Career Center Advisors.

    Watch the recorded session.

    Session Materials

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