307: Program Assessment from the Ground Up: Strategies for Efficient Faculty-Led Assessment

    Presenters: Jenny Axe (CAS-Chemistry), Mike Cabot (CAS-Literature/Writing Studies), Kimberly Cowell-Myers (SPA-Government), Doga Eralp (School of International Service) & Tracy Spesia (School of Education)

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    Time: 2:50 PM – 3:40 PM

    Session Description

    Given the imminent Middle States process, this session will investigate how program assessment can (and should) be a valuable part of the life and work of a program and more than an act of compliance for accreditation. Faculty members from across the university will share their experience with program assessment work, its scope and nature, and how it informs their teaching. Attending faculty will be invited to discuss what methods (drawn from best practices in the field of assessment) may work best for their own programs and departments. 

    Learning Outcomes

    • Identify structures and methods for program assessment that value faculty time and labor.
    • Formulate strategies for building those support structures to help guide faculty work on assessment
    • Describe how program assessment of student learning can be used to inform curricular revision and innovation.

    Watch a short introduction to the session topic:

    Session Materials

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