inefficient intermediary

I am using this article from aljazeera to comment on the current setbacks that the Kerry led peace negotiations have faced.

Starting in July direct talks resumed between Israelis and Palestinians. The article notes that over 2,000 homes in East Jerusalem were pushed through the planning process since the negotiations started in July. The author suggests this is an attempt by Israel to disrupt the negotiations and may indicate a lack of will to reach an agreement on a two state solution.

This particular incident, especially viewed in light of past attempts at negotiations and similar settlement building episodes,  calls into question whether the United States is able to be an effective mediator for this conflict. The U.S. if it is unable to be a neutral and credible intermediary that can get both sides to the negotiating table might be better off letting another nation or international organization take charge of the negotiations process.

Though the continuing decline of incentives for Israel to make concessions may make a genuine proposal and its implementation impossible at this time. It is possible that  The likelihood that an international coalition will emerge that is able and willing to put sufficient diplomatic or economic on Israel to cause a policy change is unlikely. Maybe once/if the domestic situation in Israel and the major powers changes the prospects for peace will improve?

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