Are Beauty Pageants a form of Public Diplomacy?

Thursday evening, while doing my usual patrol for news, I came across a BuzzFeed article,”First Black Miss Israel: I’m Not Ashamed To Say There Is Racism In Israel.” Needless to say that as a young, black, female, and a student of international affairs I was intrigued. The BuzzzFeed article is a different take on Israel;a […]

Scarlett Johansson resigns as Oxfam’s global ambassador

    On Thursday, January 30, Scarlett Johansson resigned as global ambassador for international development organization Oxfam. The resignation came after a controversial ad of Johansson surfaced on the internet.  The advertisement featured Johansson  endorsing the Israeli product, SodaStream. The ad fomented controversy on the internet do to the Israeli company’s  manufacturing plant’s location in […]