About Me

I am Adrien Gosmand – welcome to my American University page.

I am originally from Paris, France and I graduated from the international high school at Sevres, which is located in the suburbs of Paris.

I am currently an undergraduate student at the Kogod School of Business. My major is Business Administration, with specializations in Finance and Entrepreneurship. During my time at AU, I am seeking many opportunities to further my professional and personal development. I enjoy being active within the community and participating in extracurricular activities. I am an active member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, and a member of the tennis team.

Long Term Goals


  • Be an entrepreneur
  • Gain skills necessary to be successful in the workplace
  • Get internships that will enhance my learning experience


  • Keep visiting new parts of the world



  • Maintaining a high GPA


  • Being active on campus

Mentor Network

Current Position


Major/Minor/Certificate Program

Business Administration

Specializations in Finance and Entrepreneurship