Final Introduction

Ana Junco

College Writing

Professor Hoskins

14 December 2016

Final Introduction

Many places can have a big background story that you would never have thought when you visit it. Going to my site and researching about it made me realize many things specially how is true as Sarah B. Schindler mention in “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation through Physical Design of the Built Environment” that we rarely notice every detail of the architecture of our environment, many things are made for a reason not always for decoration. As Sarah mention the armrests of a bench on a park are there to avoid people from taking naps, especially homeless, but many people would have thought it was there to separate the seats. Everything has is made for a reason you might not know it there is a big meaning to everything. Franklin Square has change a lot throughout the year, right now it’s not in on ts best condition but hopefully it will get better.

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DC’s highest elevation point: Franklin Square

The description on this website allows a better understanding of the site that is described. Franklin Square is found across one of the largest parks in Washington, and it is on one of K Street’s highest elevation point. It is also two stories higher than any other surrounding building. This offers the tenants a great view of the city and its surrounding which is breathtaking. Franklin Square is designed to maximize on the brilliant surrounding view  by having large windows that span from the floor to the ceiling, The park, Franklin Park, is found to the south of the building and is the second largest in Washington. The White House is just a few blocks northeast of the building (“Welcome To One Franklin Square’s Tenant® Portal”)

The building has followed the building regulations in Washington where there are no skyscrapers, and therefore it goes just 12 floor. However, the building can boast of a unique architectural style that is aesthetically pleasing and also one that is innovative and efficient. The building has a vertical orientation and has five part to it. There are three small towers with two bigger towers rising between them. In order to break the mass of the frontage, the  four topmost floors are set back by 20 feet. The result of this is that it seems that there are several building of different heights but that complement one another when there is only just one building. This makes the building a marvel to look at (“Welcome To One Franklin Square’s Tenant® Portal”).

The exterior of the building has also been uniquely done through the use of granite. Flame cut granite has been used for the exterior as well as polished granite. The framing at the entrance has been done with rusticated granite. The entrance leads to the lobbies which have been finished using marble. The building seems glossy and shiny due to the finishing and exudes a lot of class. The building has a historical look about it, and one feels that it has a story to share. The building is located in a highly secure location that is easily accessible. The area can be accessed through the K street, 13th Street and 14th Street thoroughfares from both Maryland and Virginia. The area is also accessible through the McPherson Metrorail Station which is found across the park and operates the subway. This makes the area very easy to navigate.

This site is used as private offices. However, the Post moved their operations to One Franklin Square and this required some changes. The company has occupied and expansive area in the buildings west tower and east tower. The location is ideal for such a company as there is a lot of space and ideal for making changes. The site is used as commercial offices. The site advertises its use just from the architecture and the finishing that has been done. Such work will attract people with busy offices and who require high-class offices that need to be accessed frequently either by employees or consumers. This makes the site ideal for law firms as well as private medical practice. The building can also be used by business consultancies as offices and other consultant in different fields. The location and easy access make it easy for many business offices to find it ideal.

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Interior Architecture Changes: One Franklin Square



Interior Architecture Changes: One Franklin Square

            One Franklin Square is located in 1301 K Street NW across from Washington’s second largest park, Franklin Square. It’s the fifth tallest building in The District of Columbia and it was completed in 1989. It was developed by Prentiss Company and designed by Hartman-Cox Architects and The Dewberry Company. One Franklin Square is currently owned and managed by Hines Interests. The building has a five-part structure, consisting of two noticeable towers rising between three smaller, yet vertical towers. The edifice characteristic design and noticeable location on Franklin Square make it one of Washington’s most recognizable office buildings, a 12-story, 625,644-square-foot structure sited five blocks northeast of the White House (Hines). It is located in a commercial area many business services, banks, hotel, restaurants and public transportation surround One Franklin square. It’ s easy to navigate ,and the neutral colors in all the building and some green areas because of the franklin park. There are many different kind of building in this area. One Franklin square is considered a modern building but Franklin school building has an old fashion architecture look, because it’s made with reddish bricks.



            Recently there was a renovation in the lobby, roof terraces and penthouses of One Franklin Square building. Along with re-programming the penthouse spaces the existing roof terraces were re-conceptualized and transformed from utilitarian service spaces into a tenant amenity with outdoor terrace. Casual seating, wood screens, a green wall and creative lighting were used as common themes among all of the new spaces(ONE FRANKLIN SQUARE BUILDING ENHANCEMENTS). The lobby was completely modernized. One of the perks of this building is the incredible views on the city skyline the changes made didn’t affected the view. The East Tower was converted into a Multi-Purpose Conference Center and the West Tower was adjust to function as a relaxed tenant social lounge with ample natural light. The power of the response was strengthened by thoughtfully linking all of the various amenity experiences with common design elements: warm woods, green screens, trellises, energy efficient lighting systems, simple modern furnishings (ONE FRANKLIN SQUARE BUILDING ENHANCEMENTS). All this changes complemented the existing building but made a clear distinction and new impression with modern architecture.


New East Tower Conference Facility


           The area where the building is located is a busy and working area. Many office building like One Franklin Square but when I went there I could notice how modern and new this building differs from the others. At night this zone changes completely, because there are no more busy office workers, but instead restaurants with many tourist and nightclubs life takes over. The major tenants of this building are the washington post, dentons and Reed smith LLP.  Only about 10 percent of the space will be private offices, which required extensive demolition of interior walls and the removal of the walls on the seventh and eighth floor in the east tower so they joined with the floors on the west tower (One Franklin Square).

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