Built Environment Description #1


Well maintained park with people doing picnics.


Run-down park

Run-down park


1301 K Street NW

                     One Franklin Square is located in 1301 K Street NW across from Washington’s second largest park, Franklin Square. It’s the fifth tallest building in The District of Columbia and it was completed in 1989. It was developed by Prentiss Company and designed by Hartman-Cox Architects and The Dewberry Company. One Franklin Square is currently owned and managed by Hines Interests. The building has a five-part structure, consisting of two noticeable towers rising between three smaller, yet vertical towers. The edifice characteristic design and noticeable location on Franklin Square make it one of Washington’s most recognizable office buildings, a 12-story, 625,644-square-foot structure sited five blocks northeast of the White House (Hines,2016). It is located in a commercial area many business services, banks, hotel, restaurants and public transportation surround One Franklin square. It’ s easy to navigate ,and the neutral colors in all the building and some green areas because of the franklin park. There are many different kind of building in this area. One Franklin square is considered a modern building but Franklin school building has an old fashion architecture look, because it’s made with reddish bricks.

              Across the street of One Franklin Square building there is the Franklin Park is Downtown DC’s largest park, which is nearly 5 acres. This square is owned by the National Park Service (NPS) (Block ,2015). In 1832 the federal government bought the square to guard a spring and provided fresh water to the White House. By 1936 the park was redesigned and still look more or less the same. In the middle of the park there is a statue honoring Commodore John Barry, a Revolutionary War hero, it has been there since 1914 (United States. National Park Service). Building like One Franklin Square, Franklin School and the Almas Temple surround the park. I recently had the opportunity to visit this place and when I was crossing the street from One Franklin Square to get to the park I had to run since police cars and ambulance were coming. When I entered the park it was completely different from its surrounding, there were several homeless people, the grass was decrepit, benches with chipped paint and the sidewalks were in poor conditions. Franking park has poor maintenance and it is noticeable because it is situated in a very wealthy area. NPS partnership with the District government and the Downtown DC Business Improvement District (BID) they establish a remodeling plan and a sustainable maintenance for next year.

             Like every other office building areas, lunch hour is busy time. Many places to eat near One Franklin Square even food trucks come during the day. People don’t even use the park to eat their food or have picnic they just used it as a shortcut to get from one place to the other. This park could make a difference in this area if the remodeling plan of NPS and BID has a positive outcome. At night this zone changes completely, because there are no more busy office workers, but instead restaurants with many tourist and nightclubs life takes over. It’s impressive how to location across each other are so different but still share the same population.

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