Extra Point: About Me

I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’m currently a freshman in American University studying Business Administration. I will like to do a minor in International Business since I would like to learn more about how cross border transactions of services, goods, and resources  work between two or more nations. Being the youngest one in the house made my parents be more protective with me than with my brothers.  I have a passion for photography and my hobbies were ballet and soccer. Since I came to college I don’t have much time to continue on practicing neither soccer or ballet but its something I will always take with me. For my second semester of Junior year I will like to go about to madrid and learn many thing from there culture. I am definitely looking foward for the next four years of college.

Extra Point: Blog posts reflecting practice of course concepts

This class over came my expectations and I learn so many different ways to see and think about many situations that are occurring in the present. The class after the elections was the one that has impacted me the most since we all were saying what we really thought and how we felt about Trumps victory. It was a really sad day but after that class I was doing better. That is a day I will always remember, how Sabrina expressed the way she felt when she saw the flag burning and how I totally agreed with her since in Puerto Rico is illegal to do that. Thank you for making this class interesting and taking your time to teach us to think rhetorically.