Final Introduction

Ana Junco

College Writing

Professor Hoskins

14 December 2016

Final Introduction

Many places can have a big background story that you would never have thought when you visit it. Going to my site and researching about it made me realize many things specially how is true as Sarah B. Schindler mention in “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation through Physical Design of the Built Environment” that we rarely notice every detail of the architecture of our environment, many things are made for a reason not always for decoration. As Sarah mention the armrests of a bench on a park are there to avoid people from taking naps, especially homeless, but many people would have thought it was there to separate the seats. Everything has is made for a reason you might not know it there is a big meaning to everything. Franklin Square has change a lot throughout the year, right now it’s not in on ts best condition but hopefully it will get better.