An Introduction to a Blog on Writing

What does it mean to be a writer? Sure, it means you get to drink an abnormal amount of coffee and call it a day, but it has to be more than that … anyone can do that. Can anyone be a writer, though? When I ask myself that question, I think of Remy from “Ratatouille,” hanging onto the thought that “anyone can cook.” Yes, anyone can do that. So, technically, anyone can write. But just because I can do a few math problems (and, trust me, a few would be the extent of it), I’m nowhere near being an engineer or mathematician. Anyone can write, and many who hate writing are forced to attempt it in Freshman composition courses. However, just writing doesn’t make someone a writer. Like with anything in life, if you want to be a bona fide writer, you have to love it. It has to be where your thoughts wander when you’re alone. It has to be the thing you use for comfort and, sometimes, a mode of escape. Chances are, if you’re not a “writer” you just thought about whatever your “thing” is. It could be anything: chemistry, dancing, computers. Everyone’s loves and passions are different and lead us in different directions. That’s what makes life interesting. Not everyone can be a writer, but that doesn’t mean not everyone can write. I may not be a debater, but I can hold my own in any debate. Honestly, no matter who you are, you can do whatever you want. The real clincher is in where your interests lie, because if we all liked the same things, we’d never learn new, important things.Mallory England

Hi, I am Alex and I as I write this I am about to complete my first semester at American University. The blog that you are currently visiting is the product of an entire semester’s worth of work in my college writing class. I write about a lot of things here, mostly about a hotel, all of which were different assignments intended at helping me become a better writer. I could use this introduction to talk about each individual post and why I wrote what I wrote, however, I think that would be a little bit boring. Instead I am going to talk about what I learned about writing over the course of the class. I believe that the big thing that I learned about writing is that a good writing is not just about form and structure, but rather good writing is interesting, takes risks, and digs deep into the topic. I learned that not all essays consist of five paragraphs and that there is such a thing as proper MLA formatting. I learned that writing comes with criticism and lots of it. I learned that criticism is not necessary a bad thing, even if it is on an essay you spent hours writing and rewriting. The lessons I learned were not necessarily easy or fun, but in the end I think they did their job. Coming out of this course I honestly believe I have become a better writer then I when I came into it. As a student, you never stop learning how to become a better writer and I look forward to see where I am at as a writer at the end of my journey here at AU.