About Me


Whenever there is a dock, go sit on it, watch the clouds, have good conversation and be mindful, you’ll never know the lifelong memories that will arise from moments like those.

Abigail “Abby” Lore is a native New Englander trying to make it as an advocacy and policy wonk in the city of Washington. She is a political science major with a concentration in Policy. She also pursued minors in health promotion and public administration as well as a Women in Politics Certificate. She hails from the great state of New Hampshire where her parents and two cockapoo dogs reside. The professors, mentors and location are contributing reasons Abigail decided to come to AU.

Within the leadership program she was in the environmental sustainability issue group her first year. Her team planted trees with a group of students in Anacostia to teach them about river preservation, pollution and having agency over their environment. This inspired her to become a first year teaching assistant for the Environmental Health and Sustainability issue group the following year. For her sophomore year she recognized the lack of support on campus for students with diabetes. Abby co-founded and brought a chapter of the College Diabetes Network to campus, and held meetings to foster a community of support between the students with diabetes here. With her group raised awareness on campus about diabetes and created a space for students with diabetes to feel heard, validated and understood leading to a higher quality of life, improved academic performances and better health outcomes. She transformed so much during her second year in the program, Abby rededicated herself to the program her senior year as a second year teaching assistant. This time around she helped seven students recognize their passions and plan, execute and evaluate projects based on those passions.

In addition to the leadership program, Abby as heavily involved with AU Athletics Blue Crew attendlship bio 2ing almost every basketball game and AU Recreational Sports and Fitness working as a wellness ambassador and a front desk member services specialist. Additionally she rowed, participated in Chi Alpha and even served a short time as an AUSG Undergraduate Senator.

Abby’s internship experiences at the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) government relations office, district office of US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, EMILYs List, and HCM Strategists has helped shape her passion for advocacy for adequate, accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to patients with chronic illness. After graduation Abby will be staying at AU to finish her Masters in Public Administration and continuing in her role as a fellow at HCM Strategists.

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