Visiting Glover

I had the recent chance to visit Glover Archbold Park which is a park located really close to the Campus of American University. I decided to visit the park in order to be able to finish some of my research for my mapping commonplace project. The commonplace I have is Rock Creek Park which is a place that was just their and so many people who visit Rock Creek Park have so many experiences. The reason I really wanted to visit Glover Archbold Park was to try and compare this park to Rock Creek Park. There is no doubt that there is truly no park like Rock Creek Park, but visiting this park did give me prospective and an even deeper reality of the fact that there is truly no park like Rock Creek Park. The experience I had on a nice cloudy day there was nice to gain prospective for this project, but also to experience a nice day in a nice park

AU and the School of International Service

The picture that I recently took of the School of International Service Building does play a role in the educational experience that I have at American University. There are countless days where I will take my computer and other study materials to prepare for classes, complete homework and essays that need to be completed. This […]

Where You Are and Where Will You End Up

  David Fleming’s City of Rhetoric takes very interesting and descriptive turns throughout his writing. Chapter 8 begins with Fleming going over the points he has already discussed in his previous chapters, and giving an overall view of what he has already stated in the past. Throughout Chapter 8, Fleming argues the challenges that continue to take […]