Annotated Bibliography 5 & 6

This image shows a volunteer spending his time volunteering at Rock Creek Park to spend his time giving back to both his community and an historic park.

Hudson, Paul. “How To Make Yourself Happier; The Effect Our Environment Has On Us.” Elite Daily. 23 April 2013.

This reading provides much insight and knowledge as to how we can all make ourselves happier and live much more productive lives. The environment affects all of us and no matter where we are – it affects us. The surroundings in which we are in at a given time also affects how we act as individuals as well. This reading really allows the reader to figure out how they themselves can be happier with the affects that they have in the environment in which they are in.

This reading can really help me as I conduct my research. The environment does affect us all, and that can certainly not be more true than for Rock Creek Park. The environment there can affect any individual at any point. Whether at a learning or relaxing moment. This reading can help me connect Rock Creek Park and the history of the park along with how the environment can play a pivotal role in each individuals experience. I am so looking forward to learning more and how this reading can be pivotal in my research.

This is an image of a tour being conducted and an explanation being given about all the history that Rock Creek Park represents.


Joyce, Ami. “Your guide to Rock Creek Park: Getting the most out of Washington’s natural beauty.” Washington Post. 23 May 2013.

“Your guide to Rock Creek Park: Getting the most out of Washington’s natural beauty” allows readers the opportunity to get the most of what Rock Creek Park has to offer. The park offers amenities for visitors and tourist to do a variety of activities. The activities range from hiking and relaxing to viewing the Miller cabin. Therefore, tourists also have an opportunity to go biking along the park or the Lincoln Memorial and then into the state of Maryland. However, there are historical parts for tourists who are interested in that part of the park as well. This allows readers and then eventually tourists the ability to gain as much knowledge possible about the great Rock Creek Park.

“Your guide to Rock Creek Park: Getting the most out of Washington’s natural beauty” provides much knowledge in conducting my research. The reading gives an in-depth view to all the features of Rock Creek Park. The article goes from exploring to the relaxing parts of the park whether hiking and biking in the beautiful park grounds to learning about the history as well. This will play a key role in my research because it will allow me the opportunity to see first hand what the park really provides for so many tourists which will be a huge asset for my research because it is the people who are most affected.

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