Exterior and Political

This is a picture of a view outside the Pierce Mill on Rock Creek Park which clearly exhibits both the historical aspect of the park as well as the beauty the park has on any day, but especially a sunny day.

Walking through the park, I got another glimpse of the Pierce Mill and when I saw this sight, I couldn’t help but also reflect on the beauty of such an historical park. There are many parks which might bring history which Rock Creek Park certainly does, there are many parks which might bring relaxation which Rock Creek Park also does, but Rock Creek Park on a nice day can also not get more beautiful to both see and experience. This image brings to light not only the beautiful day that it is, it does not only bring to light the history of the Pierce Mill, but it also brings to light the beauty of the color that the Park has. There are so many who view Washington D.C. for being the home to the United States government, but Rock Creek Park is certainly right up there for beauty and history.

This image represents a morning on which two people are taking full advantage of a beautiful fall day by jogging through the wonderful grounds of Rock Creek Park.

This image represents both the relaxation that Rock Creek Park can bring, but also the diversity that it represents. Rock Creek Park, in my view, is the true “commonplace” for so many people even though there might be difference with the visitors who visit the Park. Rock Park has brought so many different people to the grounds whether it might be scientists, political leaders, residents, or tourists who might be so different, but who share a love which represents the true meaning of Rock Creek Park as a commonplace.

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