Mapping Commonplaces – Final Project – Rock Creek Park

Website Introduction: Throughout this semester, I have researched Rock Creek Park as my commonplace from Ruben Castaneda’s book, S Street Rising. The research that I have conducted has both changed me and inspired me on issues I honestly never thought existed. I have analyzed the history of Rock Creek Park, the threats that face the park, and […]

“His & Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society”

            Suzanne Tick’s “His & Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society” argues for the need of gender inclusion by also stating how the gender roles have also changed a great deal in recent years. Tick argues that the roles have changed between male and female, and there are multiple gender identities, […]

Rock Creek Park Digital Archives 5

When I first visited Rock Creek Park, I remembered hearing about Pierce Mill, but I never fully understood what it really meant, what it really is and was, or the historical significance that it represented. Pierce Mill essentially has given us so many things that we as a society take advantage of today by producing […]