Digital Archive 7: Fast Casual Row

The PNC Bank Building (formerly the Dupont branch of Riggs National Bank) rents out a lot of space to restaurants.

While this Digital Archive set is meant to focus on the interiors, I felt it was important to explain the wider concept I’m exploring. This building, up until recently, was the home of four fast casual restaurants all on the same block- an incredibly questionable set up, though understandable with all of Dupont’s hustle and bustle.  BGR itself is an incredibly uninteresting restaurant- a subpar burger joint with overly greasy food and the ability to confuse Dijon Mustard with barbecue sauce. Perhaps the only way to gleam more information is to examine the two remaining restaurants: Sweetgreen and Beefsteak. Perhaps even an examination of the final death of Chophouse is worth the time. There has to be some secret to why this stretch of land is worth fighting for customers on.

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