Commonplace Book: Entry 8

          In 2014, 1.3 million foreign-born individuals moved to the United States” (Zong, Batalova 8). The United States of America was founded on July 4th, 1776 with the signing of the emblematic Declaration of Independence. From its birth, the United States of America has served as a mecca to immigrants searching for what this nation has to offer: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These three promises, or “unalienable rights” as the Declaration of Independence calls them, form the national ethos of the United States: the American Dream. The American historian James Truslow Adams first used the term “American Dream” in his book The Epic of America published in 1931 (Michels 1). However, in 2016, president elect Donald Trump, notoriously declared that he would build a wall between the Mexican-U.S. border. What does this mean about America? In my opinion, Trump’s statements go against everything America was founded upon. People from all over the world come to America in hopes of finding a better future, and in hopes of fulfilling their dreams, but, if a wall were to be created, everything America has fought for would be for nothing.


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