“Dare to fuck up, that’s when you’ll truly learn,” said my college writing professor. For once, he did not have to tell us to put our computers down. All eyes were on him.

All of my life I’ve been raised and taught to be “smart.” To my parents, this meant to be responsible, to get good grades, to not fool around with boys, all in hopes to someday earn a scholarship to study in the United States. To my teachers, this meant to pay attention in class, to not procrastinate, to study days before an exam, all in hopes I’d pass all of my classes. While I did earn a scholarship, good grades, and I am studying abroad, all of my life I’ve followed a specific set of rules that others have set out in front of me. In other words, I have never made decisions for myself. It is almost as if my future has already been planned out for me and all I have to do is follow the script and if I do, somehow, someday I will “make it.”

However, as I sit in my chair listening to my professor telling us to “go to the concert and skip the class,” it finally hits me that if I were to look back on my life, there are so many things I have yet to experience that I haven’t had the chance to because I have been too preoccupied with other things that in a few years won’t even have a meaning to me.

From that day on, I promised myself to refuse to live a boring life. This doesn’t mean I’ll go crazy. To me, this means that I will allow myself to have dessert instead of thinking about a silly diet. It means that I will take my dad on the offer of going scuba diving instead of worrying about my hair getting wet. It means that I will go to the concert of my favorite band the next time they are in town instead of staying in my dorm because I have no one to go to.

Even though I could have written about something grammar related we learned in class one day, I chose to write about this. Grammar, I’ll probably forget soon enough, but I will never forget how in 2016 Professor Hoskins changed my life by daring me to “f*ck up.”