Dear Reader,

      Subjects like Biology, Physics, Astronomy, and Chemistry, fascinate us. We spend a majority of our lives in academia learning about these topics, trying to uncover all of the underlying truths, hoping to someday finally understand the world we live in. However, there are other subjects we completely disregard. Architecture and infrastructure, for example, are things we don’t necessarily think about. In her essay, “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation Through Physical Design of the Built Environment,” Sarah Schindler argues how the built environment is used to segregate and exclude a certain demographic: poor people and people of color. While most attribute architecture and infrastructure to merely shaping a place’s physical structure, Schindler argues that the built environment shapes the relationships and exclusions of the people who reside it. Like Schindler, I believe the built environment affects our everyday lives in ways we can’t even imagine. In my opinion, if we took more time to explore and analyze our surroundings, we’d have a better understanding of society and of ourselves. Therefore, in my website I have explored the rhetoric of  Lafayette Square Park in attempt to uncover the socio economic disparity in America.

In my website, you will find original photographs, links to other articles, videos, and more about Lafayette Square Park. I hope you enjoy your time on my website and I hope I have stirred a few questions about the world we live in in your mind! After all, curiosity is the key to knowledge!


Ana Lezama.