Mentorship Log #6

Tuesday, April 2018

I met with Professor Robinson today over Skype for just over an hour. In this meeting we were able to sort out a number of small details (mostly errors with Stata commands or data formatting), and I now have a finished version of all of my regressions. Additionally we begin exploring ways to represent the data quickly and simply for the updated analysis section of the final paper. I learned how to create general descriptive statistics tables, as well as a complete correlation table for all of my variables to put at the beginning of the section. We also picked out a number of scatter plot binary correlations that may prove helpful as visual aids for either the analysis section of the upcoming presentations. Moving forward I am meeting again with Professor Assenov from the CTRL lab to have him look over my data and results and make sure everything seems consistent and that there are no errors. After that, I am only left with rewriting the analysis section to include the updated numbers and whatever visuals I decide on as most important.

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