Mentorship Log #10


Today I met with Professor Robinson for a quick half hour meeting. This was the last of our regularly scheduled weekly meetings. We debriefed about both the conference last week, and the presentation I had gave early today in class. She provided me with feedback which ranged from general academic presentation tips, to technical details that I had missed in my tables. She also sent me an email with a list of all of her comments so that I could refer to them moving forward.

We also decided that I would get her a draft of my final paper by next Monday ( 4/30/18) so that should would have ample time to read over it and provide feedback while still leaving me time to incorporate that feedback before the due date. I thanked her again for volunteering her time this year to mentor me throughout this project, and we agreed that I would come back and visit often over the next two years whenever I either had a question about statistics or just something interesting about remittances that I wanted to share.

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