BGR in atmosphere is not booming with bright colors or clean lines. It doesn’t seem to attract all the “hipster” in town, or even draw fancy burger connoisseurs. Rather, it’s a bit dingy, definitely over priced, and not somewhere I see me or my friends craving on a Friday (or any) night. However, the website says otherwise. This digital space holds a sense of creativity and airiness about it. From the font to the web design, it feels unique and interesting. When googling, it came up quickly, and endorsements for the shop rotate on the front page – catchy.


In the top right hand corner, the home page is decorated with this digital design. The font, which is most likely American Typewriter, along with the red emphasis of burger speak volumes about the message and overall rhetoric that the designer is trying to convey. In Alyson Kuhn’s article on the implications of the American Typewriter font she established some background: “By most accounts, Twain was the first American author to submit a typewritten manuscript, Tom Sawyer. What Twain’s typing lacked in accuracy and consistency, it more than made up for in novelty (Kuhn).” Twian was fickle. He wrote under the pseudonym Thomas Jefferson prior to adopting it as his steady pen name, completely avoiding publicity and abandoning his birth name, Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He left school early, worked odd jobs, and married his wife, Olivia, at the age of 35. The association of Twain, the mysterious writer, with this very standardized font created this sort of contrast. It screams hipster: old, but new; interesting, yet simple. Likely the crowd BGR owner, Mark Bucher, hopes to attract.

Now, circling back to the red emphasis and the phrase itself. Making BURGER red is like hanging a neon sign in a store window – it catches your eye. By using this technique, the designer tells you right off the bat, so to speak, what you’re about to read/see/think. BURGER. It’s an attention grabber. The words, “THE BURGER JOINT,” give the place a sense of ease. Joint, commonly used to describe a vehicle for marijuana consumption, is just that: relaxing. Very different from the words estate or concourse, joint has a connotation of being care-free and inclusive.


Additionally, the site is set up to include the best of what BGR has to offer. Shakes, burger, fries along with sensory adjectives cover the home screen and overall the design is very accessible. The choice to include an “about us” tab along with franchise information also lets the consumer know that the company is about more than themselves. It gives the consumer a cause of sorts to latch on to. The other tabs, including “press, careers, contact, my bgr, menu, and locations,” combine to make a space that feels personal. Rather than using “your bgr” or just “info,” the use of my makes it feel like gifts cards and the loyalty program, the drop downs, are really there for YOU. With catchy phrases, high quality photos, and a sleek design, this digital document directly appeals to a the desired consumer.





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