Month December 2016

BGR in Dupont Circle // A Preface

This project aims to explore BGR in Dupont Circle and the implications of the area on this particular restaurant and others. Additionally, I will exam specific rhetorical situations in and around the complexities of the space. This video provides some basic… Continue Reading →

BGR Dupont: A Rhetorical Analysis

Addison Marry Professor Hoskins Writing 100 5 December 2016 Dupont circle is a vast and changing neighborhood. Situated among a combination of local eateries and trendy chains, you’ll find BGR – just your everyday burger joint. What’s interesting about this… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Book 10: Freedman

“Not all feminists agree about definitions and tactics, but three elements characterize the antiviolence movement: the importance of naming all forms of violence against women as illegitimate practices, the provision of services to heal and empower survivors of violence and… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Book 9: Jauk

“A hate crime meeting between LGBT activists and city hall representatives did not yield any effective strategies, because legal federal and state protections for transgender populations were non- existent. The absence of legal protection is meaningful for individuals, because it… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Book 8: Simister

“In general, the GBV prevalence rate in one country is similar to the prevalence rate in neighbouring countries. This might be taken as support for the assumption (underlying this paper) that differences between prevalence rates in Appendix reveal genuine differences… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Entry 7: Freedman

“Women have always worked. Well before a wage labor system came to dominate in industrial economics, women raised food, children, and animals; made clothes and meals; healed bodies and spirits” (Freedman 123). I came across this in a book I’m… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Entry 6: Fleming

Addison Marry Professor Hoskins Writing 100 11 December 2016 Commonplace Entry 6 “[A]n education [. . .] that was designed to support a truly direct, deliberative democracy [. . .] would be an education oriented to the ‘strong publics’ of… Continue Reading →

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