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BGR Dupont: A Rhetorical Analysis

Addison Marry Professor Hoskins Writing 100 5 December 2016 Dupont circle is a vast and changing neighborhood. Situated among a combination of local eateries and trendy chains, you’ll find BGR – just your everyday burger joint. What’s interesting about this… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Entry 6: Fleming

Addison Marry Professor Hoskins Writing 100 11 December 2016 Commonplace Entry 6 “[A]n education [. . .] that was designed to support a truly direct, deliberative democracy [. . .] would be an education oriented to the ‘strong publics’ of… Continue Reading →

Built Environment Interior: BGR DuPont Circle

Washington’s Dupont Circle carries a lot of history within it’s “up-in-coming” neighborhood. BGR, a trendy DC burger chain, holds its own place within the chasm of change that was Dupont in the early 2000’s. Now an established place to get… Continue Reading →

Common Place Book: Georgia Referendum to Amend State Constitution

Georgia Referendum to Amend State Constitution: “Shall Property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college and university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?”   This… Continue Reading →

Built Environment Description BGR Dupont

  Built Environment Description I was walking around late at night. The streets seemed lonely. The people that were there – hollow. The whole scene felt desolate, but inside the restaurants and shops were bursting. BGR closed just 30 minutes… Continue Reading →


Works Cited Agronsky, Jonathan I. Z. Marion Barry: the Politics of Race. Latham, NY, British American Pub., 1991. This book explores Marion Barry as judge, person, and convict. It offers an indepth understanding to the reader and serves as good… Continue Reading →

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