Black River Road Initiative

“Black River Road” is an initiative created by Dr. Adrienne Pine as part of the Fall 2018 offering of “The Craft of Anthropology,” the core graduate course offered by the Department of Anthropology at American University. These budding anthropologists of the 2018 cohort have conducted extensive fieldwork, collectively including hundreds of hours of oral histories, participant observation, archival research, museum visits, program coordination and more across in Washington D.C. and western Montgomery County, Maryland, in order to confront the erasure of local black communities and highlight the many they continue to (re)claim their space.

Oral Histories

Oral histories conducted with community members from Scotland, Bethesda Macedonia, and Tobytown will be made accessible on this site.

Archival Collection

The Historic African River Road Collection (HARRC) is housed in the Archives at American University. Community members and the public are invited to access the archives by contacting the American University Archives.

Museum Exhibition

This summer, the Katzen Museum will feature an exhibit curated by AU graduate students in partnership with Black River Road community members.