Material for the second writing assignment

This article is a speech, the original target audience should be American government officials, ecologists and environmental scientists. Because it raises a series of questions about what the United States can do to improve climate change. The other article offers the opposite view, and its audience should be those who support reform. There are also the Suggestions and opinions of ordinary people. Since any resolution or policy is closely related to the public welfare of ordinary people, the audience of these articles must be ordinary people. But the main people are the government’s decision makers. These provide insights into America’s new energy policy, and some of the rebuttal to policymaking.

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  1. I like that you used the non typical source for environmental issues. I also really like that you used a presidential candidate and his opinion on climate issues as one of the sources because it catches the attention of the reader much more than a scientist who some may have never heard of. Which of the sources does your description apply to?

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