Essay 2 post

My first source was from the Ted Talk. The speaker revealed a thoughtful question that where returned clothing went? The truth not only shocked her but also made me surprised. Those clothes did not went back to the stock. Instead, they were brought to the landfills which could cause magnificent of wasting and pollutions. She gave an idea that people can set a “green coin” to make a incentive system. People can transfer their returned clothing to a digital money so that the company would resell them to the people who need them. at the same time, people who gained the “green coin” could¬† use them to buy something new. I thought this was a great idea which more progressive than those resell app in the market right now.

My second article was from The Guardian. The author indicated that some fast fashion company were trying to sell a extreme cheap clothes so people would be more intended to buy them. However, the cost to produce those clothes need a lot of fuel and would cause huge pollution to the environment. More ironic,¬† people seemed like they didn’t want to buy such cheap clothes. it created more negative effects to the environment. I believed this article can support my idea that we should not buy fast fashion.

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