Position and Audience

I would still like to continue talking about Environmental Racism and the impacts that it has in DC specifically. I think it is important for me to talk more about the fact that DC is a food desert. I think it is hard for us to understand that because we do go to AU and we have constant access to food but the way in which others in the city are living is not the same at all. DC is a majority-black city and the way that the residents are living is because of the lack of leverage politically but also the government is not actively affecting change. The DC water crisis is something that we have only cared about when it was something that prevented us access to clean water but people in Southeast have been exposed to this for much longer than us AU students have.

My audience would be the AUSG community service coalition because I believe that they might have the resource to affect change in the city. By educating them, they are able to spread the word to the student body on how AU students can help solve this problem or even help lessen the impact that food deserts and environmental racism have.

Position and Audience

My topic is the Green New Deal and the controversy surrounding it. My position is to argue that the Green New Deal is important and essential for our world to be sustainable. My intended audience is the Office of Sustainability since they lead the efforts on the sustainability on campus. My goal is to use the Green New Deal to push AU to become even more sustainable. AU is carbon neutral which is a great start, but there are is still room for improvement. In order to convince the Office of Sustainability on my position, I will use specific facts and data (LOGOS) to prove my point for supporting GND. The Office of Sustainability is a more formal group on campus led by mainly faculty and staff members. Another audience of mine could by younger liberal students on campus, such as AU Dems or other groups. Those groups are also likely to be interested in ideas related to the GND. The strategy however, will be different for these two different audiences.

Position and audience (Matilde)

American University’s Health and Promotion Advocacy Center provides a variety of health-based services and educational opportunities to keep the AU community safe and informed. My audience is the HPAC staff. I am specifically targeting those who are in charge of selecting which contraceptives to give out. One of the services that they provide to the AU community includes free contraceptives, including male and female condoms, lubricants, and dental dams. When it comes to condoms, there is no consensus on how long it takes for condoms to break down, and many of them contain harmful chemicals to the environment. Furthermore, the condoms provided by HPAC are individually packaged in plastic, which is incredibly harmful to the environment (GreenPeace 2014). Almost everyone has or will engage in sexual acts and it is imperative that they engage in safe sex. That being said, it is also important that our safe sex does not come at the expense of the environment. Thus, I am advocating that HPAC provide more environmentally sustainable contraceptives. 


Works Cited

  • Morgan, Christina Dawn. “Guide to Eco-Friendly Sex.” Greenpeace USA, 3 July 2015, www.greenpeace.org/usa/earth-friendly-sexy-times/.

Position and audience

For essay 3, I want to talk about the sustainability of the fashion industry in the global area. We have to jump off the original framework of the fashion industry. In nowadays, the sustainable topic has appeared in more and more developing communities. Especially in China, many factories work for the fashion industry and have delivered a huge number of clothing products to the world. It is not an exaggeration that China is the fountainhead of many countries’ fashion industries and plays a vital role in industrial construction. But also, at the same time, it has created significant pollution which seems unstoppable. There are many factors that can make the situation worse. In recent years, the relationship between China and America is tense since the matter of trade. The contradiction has removed people’s attention out of the sustainable topic; instead, people have to seek other ways and put more effort into maximizing their profits. People should create diversity and embrace all different identities in each of the innovative contemporary areas. I would like to further explore the relationship between politics and the development of the fashion industry in China. I believed the importance of we have to deeply examine Chinese cloth producing to find out the better solution for fashion pollution which is happening around the world.

The primary audience I want to convey will be those organizations that focus on sustainability, also the clubs which have interests in fashion industries. I want to spread more information about the globalization of sustainability and persuade more people that it is crucial to view the problem based on a broader perception.

Position and audience

In the third essay, I tend to focus on how Japanese’s obsession with packaging accelerates global warming and what are the potential problems of Japan’s waste disposal. If you go to a grocery store in Japan, you will find that their food is individually packaged in plastic bags. The staff always puts the packaged food in another bag and places the food packaged with two bags into the third plastic bag when you check out.

Japanese’s obsession with packaging is responsible for abundant unnecessary uses of plastic bags. According to Japan wraps everything in plastic. Now it wants to fight against plastic pollution published in Washington Post, “every person in Japan uses around 300 or 400 plastic bags a year or more than 40 billion for the entire nation.” (Denyer, 2019) Even if the local government insists that they will collect the garbage and recycle them, some people make it clear that people trust too much in the government. In fact, most plastic bags are not actually converted into a new product, instead, they are burned that caused a huge amount of carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming.

This paper is trying to convince college students in America who always use plastic products and disposable items. Since they will replace the elder generations and become the mainstream, I am curious about what they think about these unnecessary packaging and climate change.


Denyer, Simon. “Japan Wraps Everything in Plastic. Now It Wants to Fight against

Plastic Pollution.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 18 June 2019, https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/japan-wraps-everything-in-plastic-now-it-wants-to-fight-against-plastic-pollution/2019/06/18/463fa73c-7298-11e9-9331-30bc5836f48e_story.html.

Position and audience

As the second-largest economy in the world and one of the biggest developing countries in the world, China gets much attention from the world about how to react the environmental issues, especially in recent years. Currently, environmental problems are extremely serious all over the world like climate change and global warming. Even though China’s government execute some policy which is harmful to the environment but beneficial to the economic growth in the previous decades, China’s government notice the importance for solving this problem since it is related to the interest of every citizen in China and even affect how other countries enact with it due to the obvious impact of China. Fortunately, China’s government already stood out to take action with it and attained some achievements in this aspect like promoting the revolution of the energy system. The audiences I want to persuade in AU are the Students who join the Kogod sustainable Business Society, International Business Club, and students major in environmental sciences/environmental studies/environmental, peace and conflict resolution (CAS). For the student in KSC, I assume that they already had some knowledge about the global environmental problem, but they do not have a clear understanding of China’s environmental problem and how China’s government reacts it. For the IBC student, I consider that some of them may consider developing a business-relevant career in China since there is a large market due to a large number of consumers with huge spending power. Based on China’s government policy for the environmental and economic perspective, they can notice what is the business opportunity in China in the future.

Position and audience

For my third paper, I think consumers should eliminate disposable products as much as possible, such as plastic shopping bags, disposable wooden chopsticks, plastic tableware and lunch boxes. Therefore, in this composition, my position is to resolutely resist disposable products, because this is a big problem that has troubled and caused headaches for human beings since the invention of plastics. Although these disposable products can greatly reduce the operating costs of merchants, consumers also find them convenient and clean to use. However, this has brought too many disadvantages to the earth and the environment. Firstly, the loss of forest resources caused by disposable wood products is like an exponential model, and the utilization rate of wood is extremely low. Plastic products bring environmental pollution damage is more self-evident, plastic products are basically difficult to degrade, plus people’s environmental protection awareness is not strong, basically use up and throw everywhere. It has caused serious pollution to the soil and water resources, and most countries now have only incineration and landfills to dispose of plastic waste. The people my paper tries to persuade are the staff in the school convenience store and the canteen, urging them to reduce the use of disposable products as much as possible. As well as those students who often use disposable products, because the disposable spoons, forks, knives, bowls, dishes and plastic bags that I have seen in school are mostly found in shops and canteens, which are discarded after being used once, creating a lot of garbage.

Position and audience

For essay 3, I wanna focus on the little things in our daily life, about how they are polluting the environment and our new technology instead of them by some environment-friendly things. Like plastic bag, disposable tableware, packing box and battery, by individual, they don’t have such a big influence to pollute the environment, but they are the things that we need to use every day and have a huge total number, viewing it by the data statistic, we can straightly know how much influence they have to soil, sea and air. And on the other hand, people are continually creating something new to instead of them or reduce the pollution they might have to the environment, like Apple’s new package box by environment-friendly raw material and easy to degrade, tote bags to instead of plastic bags, separate trash can for battery so that people could concentrate to sending them to factory for decomposition and reuse. For the Audience, I really don’t have a target now and still trying to find a suitable group.

Position and audience

For my essay 3 I want to focus on how grass root power action like held march will effect the public awareness of climate change issue.In the very beginning of this semester,the video we watched about Greta Thunberg criticized EU leaders for not taking the threat posed by climate change seriously enough.That is my first time to think about the climate change issue.By the following of this semester,doing research about how public and government are reacting to this emergent issue,that make me keep curious about is there any reliable way for us to protect our environment.Like John Oliver mentioned in his episode,many politicians gave their misconception of GND and actually the GND is unrealistic to some extend.There are a lot of march held by different organizations suddenly jump up at the same time to criticized the action taken by government.Meanwhile,as the BBC news posted  the extreme action taken in UK,to awake the public awareness of climate change issue by marching in the biggest meat market in UK and come up with the idea of changing people’s diet way to vegan may be a solution to save our environment.There are some activists like Thunberg who is really brings up some realistic thoughts about the climate change issue,but some activists are doing things from the good start,somehow the speech they delivery to the public may not be a credible solution to follow.

position and audience

For the third assignment, I want to focus on the climate change problem of the children’s part. Through my research, I found that because people believe that the children will bring more CO2 and take more resources from the earth, DINK (Dual/ Double Income No Kids), which means they do not want to have children even the conditions permitted, become one of the most popular ways to persuade people to “show their loves for the earth”.

    While I want to argue that although population growth will give pressure on the earth, children are playing an essential role in changing positively to the climate change problem. Some people argued that people could stop population growth, eradicate poverty, and solve the climate issue by green energy. However, there will not be more experiments to continue to work without more people born to this earth, which means people cannot further solving the problem of climate change. Moreover, females will have to face more challenges than males if they become DINK. The significant issue is that DINK will reduce the chance of a healthy pregnancy time and birth. Even people believe they can go back if they change their minds, female will lose the best time to pregnancy and miss the chance to have their babies.
    In my opinion, I do not want to define the DINK is not extremely bad for people. Some people will have private problems that caused them to do not want to pregnant and have children, and become DINK is a choice for them. However, I want to target the audience who cannot decide whether to have children or not in the climate change situation. DINK is not the only way to show their love for the earth, and there are many positive impacts to have children in the climate change problem. Therefore, people cannot have moral abduction to ask all people to become DINK involuntarily, and people can have chances to choose their prefers even in climate change problems.