Position and Audience

In Essay 3, I want to argue that environmental racism is a dangerous phenomenon and stopping it is a key element that must be considered in solving the climate crisis. I believe that environmental racism is not being acknowledged heavily enough and that it must be addressed when we talk about climate change. I feel really strongly about this because I am a black person who has been directly affected by environmental racism. In my home state, Mississippi, environmental racism is taking place in several communities, including my own. I live on the predominantly black side of town and several plants and oil refineries are based within 5 miles of us. On my side of town, the number of people who have campus is incredibly high and my family has chronic sinus and ear infections due the toxic air.

I would want to argue this position for the environmental groups on campus. This includes Tree Huggers AU, Fossil Free AU, Sustainable Ocean Alliance AU Chapter, etc. They are already aware of the climate crisis; however, they may not be addressing the ways that its uniquely affecting people of color. My purpose as a speaker is to persuade them to push for action on environmental racism and to center environmental justice in their work. It is important to convince them because they are already doing work on the climate crisis and they already have a reputation that carries a lot of weight.

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  1. I like how you explore this issue of environmental racism because I know a lot of people are unaware of this. In addition, people do not like to talk about sensitive topics which we really need to talk more about. This is why I think it is important to talk to environmental groups about this issue.

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