Position and Audience

During our period in writing 101 courses, we have been focused on the Anthropocene. Inside and out of the class, we have been able to explore different pieces of this catastrophe, and we were able to form our own opinions. During the course, I was also able to gather ideas from many different people from very different and similar backgrounds. With all of this discussion and research, I was able to come out with my views on the Anthropecene. Like most people around the world, I believe it is one of the most significant issues this generation will be faced with, and we will see the ripple effect beginning to take shape in the ages to come. We must’ve t begin to act now in saving what little we have left of our environment, and all that inhabits it. Unfortunately, politicians have been lacking to pass laws to help this issue. The governments around the world are the overarching bodies that control all people for the better. Even though they are the ones who control the people, they’ve been still controlled by big business and support only short-term goals for the benefit of our economy in five years. Many politicians say they are for the people, but they only look at the time they are in office, not towards the future. I don’t think this issue should be party-based, but people-based. We must use science and statistics to show what is happening and what will, and then act on this research to better our future and prevent destruction and death to our world.

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  1. I like what you mentioned about people moving out of the idea that one political party is better than another. This is not a Democrats versus Republicans problem. Rather, it is a problem that everyone needs to work together to solve. I wonder what audience you would be appealing to on AU.

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